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                                       These used miniature trucks are produced by leading manufacturers with
                                        years of experience and based on highly efficient and reliable Asian
                                        engineering. You know the names Honda, Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi and      
                                        Subaru... all of these brands stand for quality and performance.       

                                        The different Japanese mini truck companies make the slightly different                             
                                          variations of mini trucks. A lot of times it is left to your personal                                          
                                          preference to which brand you like best. All Japanese mini trucks perform                         
                                          great on flat rolling country terrain. Subarus and Mitsubishi mini trucks
tend to have the larger cabs suited better for taller and larger riders. If the terrain is going to be steep and hilly
you may wish to choose a centrally mounted engine to have a better center of gravity, maybe even choosing a
mini truck with differential lock.

Suzuki and Mitsubishi mini trucks typically have a greater ground clearance. Lift kits are available for all models
of mini trucks. Daihatsu (Made by Toyota) and Honda have generally the softest ride around. Subaru's and
Honda's are popular for their rear mounted engines.
Who makes these mini trucks?
What types of gears or transmissions do the mini trucks have ?
Daihatsu mini trucks all have a 4 speed hi/low ratio gearbox. Some late model 1992+ have a standard speed gear
box with no hi/low ratio. Suzuki mini trucks generally have 4 speed hi/low gears but some have a 5 speed + extra
low gear (6 speed) - no hi/low. 1st gear low ratio and extra low gear are very similar. 1st low may be somewhat
slower. In either case the low gear idle speed is perfect for following stock.

Mitsubishi mini trucks have typically 4 speed hi and low ratios in nearly all models. A few models have 5 speed
hi/low. Subaru mini trucks all have 5 speed + extra low gear (6 speed). No hi/low gears. Honda mini trucks come
with 5 speed full time 4WD, no hi/low.
mini truck
mini trucks including dump
Each Japanese Mini Truck may have some slight variations (with respect to mileage and features)
  • Dimensions: 10 feet long, 5 feet high, 4 feet wide
  • Weight: Approximately 1500 lbs
  • Truck bed: 4.5 feet x 6.5 feet
  • Bed capacity: Approximately 1000 lbs
  • Engine: 660cc, liquid cooled, 3-cylinder, gasoline-powered, with approximately 40-50 miles per gallon
  • Transmission: 4 or 5-speed manual transmission, Low/High Range
  • 4x4, 12" all terrain vehicle tires, some trucks with differential lock or axle lock
  • Standard heat, defroster, windshield wipers, headlights, turn signals. Some units have A/C
  • Standard truck has rear fold down sides and some have dump-beds
  • Payload capacity is approximately 1/2 ton
Mini-Truck Stats
What are some other details about Japanese mini trucks ?

  • Mini Trucks only come with gas engines - NO DIESEL

  • All mini trucks come with heaters

  • Mini trucks are equipped with an AM radio

  • Most mini trucks do NOT come with air conditioning
    (A/C) However a few models can be found with A/C.

mini truck interior

NO - The trucks are manufactured with right-hand drive only. The clutch, brake and gas pedal are
in the same order as any standard vehicle.
They are very easy to drive. If you know how to work a clutch it is not at all hard to shift with your left hand.
Can you get mini trucks with the steering wheel on the left-hand side ?
Japanese laws provide an incentive for vehicle owners to buy newer vehicles earlier than we do here in the United
States. Unlike in America, taxes and insurance costs
increase as a vehicle gets older, which prompts owners to
trade in their vehicles earlier than we would expect. This creates a surplus, and enables Americans to import these
perfectly capable vehicles at low prices. Plus, the average Japanese vehicle is driven only 6,000 miles per year...
meaning these vehicles have years of valuable life left in them ! You can buy a few Japanese mini trucks for the
cost of just one John Deere Gator or Kawasaki Mule !
How is it possible that Japanese mini trucks are such a good bargain ?
How would I use a Japanese mini truck ?
The uses of a Japanese mini truck are endless, however a few uses are listed below:

  • Farms or Ranches: You can forget paying for an expensive John Deere Gator, a Kawasaki Mule, or buying
    a vehicle that doesn't have a large bed or an enclosed cab. Japanese mini trucks combine the best of both
    worlds: Inexpensive 4x4 handling with the hauling capacity and comfort of a pick-up truck. Move hay,
    harvest, or equipment around your property with ease and comfort. These farm trucks enable you to do
    more work in less time.

  • Campuses: Both universities and private companies alike can benefit from the low cost but reliable
    transportation that Japanese mini trucks provide. In this cost-conscious economy, moving people or
    equipment around your location has never been cheaper (in the form of both lower initial investment and
    lower operational expense) or more comfortable. Stay away from golf carts which expose riders to the
    elements and have limited hauling capacity! And don't drive full-sized pick-up trucks around your campus,
    damaging the aesthetic beauty or the lawn! Japanese mini trucks are truly  your solution.

  • Manufacturing and Airports: Transport material, baggage or goods throughout your location in a Japanese
    mini truck. These trucks are better equipped to fit into small spaces and maneuver in order to make your
    facility more productive!

  • Parks and Land: Move people and equipment around your golf course, zoo, theme park, or public park with
    ease and with little disruption to your patron's experience. Japanese mini trucks are a quiet, fuel efficient,
    compact alternative to bulkier full-sized pick-up trucks. They are also better equipped to navigate the
    terrain and through tight areas.

  • Recreation: Move around your property and enjoy your favorite activities, like hunting, camping, boating or
    fishing in style.
mini truck with dump
What is the stability of a mini truck like ?

Japanese mini trucks are very stable due to the lower         
center of gravity. Most mini trucks have a centrally              
mounted engine  in most models except Subaru's. Mini       
trucks are typically  more stable than a quad. Mini trucks    
are highly unlikely to tip over backwards going up hills.

They can easily stop  going up a hill with excellent 4           
 wheel braking.

Japanese mini trucks are also very stable going down hill.
What is the difference between axle lock and differential lock ?

  • Axle lock refers to the front axle.
         This feature makes both front wheels spin at the same time.

  • Differential lock refers to a locking rear differential.
         This feature makes both rear wheels spin at the same time
What about parts and repairs ?
                           There are several sources where parts are readily available in the US.
                      Filters, spark plugs, etc. are available at your local parts stores such as NAPA.

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